Who Built Your Roof?

Who Built Your Roof?

5 Problems That Require Flat Roof Repair

Kay Rivera

The great thing about a flat roof is that it is simple to construct and repair. A flat roof has two major components: an insulated waterproof membrane and a covering, or "roof decking", that provides the waterproofing and insulation. Unfortunately, however, problems with roofs are almost inevitable. Here are some of the common problems you might need to fix for a flat roof:

1. Leaks 

Leaks are the most common problem that requires flat roof repair. A leak can occur in any part of a flat roof but is most often found in the flashing or where the roof decking meets the wall, around vents or chimneys, and where pipes or other components penetrate the roof. If the roof has a leak, a professional should locate it and do commercial flat roof repair as soon as possible. 

2. Pooling Water        

If water remains pooled on your roof decking, it could cause blistering and/or rusting metal roof decks and supports. Blistering occurs when moisture causes the asphalt to expand and bubble up while rusting happens when metal oxidizes due to exposure to water. 

3. Tears or Punctures      

If you have a tear or puncture in your roof decking, water can seep through the hole and cause deterioration of the roof membrane. If the tear is small, it may be possible to repair it with a patch. 

Flat roof repair of larger tears and punctures requires replacing the membrane. Puncturing can cause devastating damage because of leaks. In many cases, puncturing is caused by falling debris. 

4. Blistering     

Blistering, also known as "popcorn" roofing, is a common flat roof problem. It happens when moisture seeps through the roof decking and causes the asphalt to expand, creating bubbles on the roof's surface. 

This problem is known as alligatoring because the membrane is degraded to look like an alligator's skin. It also happens when the membrane suffers too much exposure. If the membrane starts to crack, the best solution is to replace it. 

5. Biological Growth         

Mold and mildew can grow on a flat roof if it is not properly maintained or leaks. It is easy for dust to settle and accumulate on the roof. In addition, larger plants can cause the roof to leak when the roots apply pressure on the surface. You can prevent this by using an anti-fungal coating on your roof when you first install it.

Flat roofs are popular for commercial roofing, but they often get problems. Contact a roofer to perform flat roof repair and keep your assets intact. 


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